A senior international executive and published researcher with experience in over 30 countries, I have held leadership roles in start-ups, private and publicly listed firms.

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  • Collaboration Facilitation and Management across Industry, Government and Academia
  • Major Bid Management and Research Grant Application Development
  • Business Design, Start-Up and Growth Development
  • Industry Led Research Opportunity Assessment, Design and Execution (Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed methods)
  • International Market Analysis, Business Development and Opportunity Management
  • Portfolio Management and Solution Selling in Complex Environments
  • Staff/Team Leadership, Training and Professional Development
  • Services Design, Marketing and Management
  • Contract/Service Level Agreement Design and Execution
  • Multi-Stakeholder Management, Collaborative Networks and Virtual Enterprises
  • Technical Team Leadership
  • Change, Project and Programme Management

A Personal Note:

I believe in the potential for science and digital technologies to contribute to the well-being of humanity and, as a persistent optimist, am the happiest when helping realise the benefits of digital transformation and change in people’s lives via cooperation and collaboration.

I value compassion, empowerment, creativity and authenticity and prefer to work with people who have similar values and views. The principles of tolerance and open-mindedness are also important to me and as a natural collaborator, I love learning with others.

My leadership style is democratic and flexible, where I greatly enjoy helping others grow as employees and as people and will give plenty of freedom for us to co-create innovative and unique solutions to the challenges we face as a team using a design led approach.

However, this democratic leadership style is also tempered with my early experiences in military leadership and a pragmatic approach to ‘getting things done’ brought about by my extensive international project experience. As such, I am not afraid to make the hard calls and take full accountability for the actions of my team.

I see realising the benefits of digital technology as a complex issue that not only requires creativity and independent thinking, it also requires connecting to other practitioners, researchers and thought leaders to share insights, ideas and energy so that together we can help empower our local communities, increase employ-ability of our students and drive innovation and entrepreneurship in our local industries.

This desire to do something meaningful in my life is a driving force behind my personal and professional development and my vision is to connect and work with other industry, education and ICT professionals globally, who are equally as passionate, cooperative and imaginative on the topic of digital transformation…

I look forward to working with you…