In 2003 I designed the Software Business Management Course (SBMC) and between 2003 - 2009 delivered it across 33 countries as my first start-up, Agitavi International.

The SBMC was delivered to technology executives to provide them with the business tools and knowledge to determine their competitive advantage in their targeted value chain, design and execute software products, and plan for international marketing and channel promotion. Many start-ups underestimate the amount of time and financial resources required to get a product to market, and the SBMC was designed to create and fast-track start-ups by addressing the following needs of the software entrepreneur:

  • Understand how entrepreneurial characteristics interact with the entrepreneurship process, i.e. from idea, to concept, to start-up and finally to high-growth business.
  • Understand and apply tools for analyzing entrepreneurial talent and temperament and develop a personal entrepreneurial career strategy.
  • Define and distinguish between the constructs of innovation versus entrepreneurship and innovator versus entrepreneur.
  • Understand the strategic function played by business-to-business relationships and networks, and the value system concept and its role in building networks and relationships.
  • Critically evaluate value systems and identify key tactical and strategic partners and implement business network strategies that build business performance

The above photo is the key stakeholders in the Asia Pacific deliveries which included; Microsoft, Management Development Institute of Singapore, Australia's Southern Cross University, China's TsingHua University, India's Institute of Management Bangalore and New Zealand's Manukau Institute of Technology.